About Me


Hello. Thank you for joining me in what I hope will be an exciting journey. Because for me, this is a first time venture. You see, I have never had my own blog before. I had to ask for some help from tech-savvy, smart kids in my neighborhood for help in setting up the pages so that I could start typing up my thoughts right away. So, here we are, finally. My name is Patricia. But my friends call me Trish. You call me Trish too if you want.

To be honest, I was never sure what I could start blogging about. While I love my own writing and book reading, I really had no clue how to transfer my thoughts to the internet world. This may all seem like nonsense to you at this stage, but you have no idea. You see, I have a rather unconventional background. I’ve been married before but we lived mostly off the map, as it were. We lived out in the country far, far from the next town or neighbor.

I am quite a modest girl at heart, so it is quite a challenge for me to be talking purely about myself and giving out loud opinions on what others are doing with their lives. But, you know what, as I delved more into the practice and habit of online reading, getting used to how others phrased their thoughts, I came to the conclusion that modest is hottest. Online websites and blogs, the most popular ones anyway, are focusing a lot on the hottest trending topics. So, here I am. I had to ask myself; how could I match up to the existing standards.

Speaking modestly, I’m just a fresh-faced beauty, slowly but surely getting used to life in the urban jungle. When thinking out aloud among those who care deeply about me and what I aspire to in this day and age, I wondered what the heck I could write about on this blog. The expert advice was to write what you know. Ah, but you see, I retorted; what do I really know in this world. I’m just a country girl by nature and by life’s experience. I asked my new professional friends; how could I fit in square as a puzzle with all the modern girls out there.

What I am alleged to know about things that interest me I have picked up from most of my voracious reading exercises. For me, apart from loving the books, it’s one of the best ways to wind down and alleviate the stress accumulated from the modern working day. I have observed that women seem to bear quite a brunt of the day’s pressures. But I also noticed that they seem to be surprisingly far more resilient at how well they manage their busy schedules. They are a lot more organized than the men, is what I am thinking.

But don’t tell my ex what I’ve just said. He will, of course, beg to differ. He was a difficult chap to contend with, even at the best of times. Gosh, I am having so much fun with this new hobby already; I just don’t know when to stop. I’ll continue this excitable chat in my next blog post.