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And yet another post where I’ll be speaking straight from the heart. This post, you could just say, will be a carryover from the previous one where I spoke from personal experience on how you can balance your weekly eating habits. But there’s some added inspiration for some of the girls who are still thinking about how to look their beautiful best for the night. Here, I can’t just act naturally, I’ll have to scratch through my archives and dig up those ingredients that can enhance your beauty organically.

Gosh, I really have to dig deeply here. I really can’t remember much of what I read previously. That’s not good. I do seem to recall the great avocado. And then there’s my favorite fruit of all time, my dearest just ripened banana and its versatility. Oh, and I can never seem to get enough of my red, red, ripe and juicy tomatoes. When it comes to healthy eating and making sure that nothing gets wasted, tomatoes go a long way in my kitchen and tummy. I can think of plenty of uses for it. And what about milk?

Let’s chat about that too. Oh, and cucumbers too, I almost forgot. And do you know, my beautiful next door neighbor, gosh, bless her soul; she is quite a healthy girl, really lifted up my spirits today. I’ve had a dreadful few weeks and one of my editors came threateningly demanding her outstanding articles which were, of course her right. Anyway, me and my neighbor across the wall got talking. This was after she made yet another offer to me to help myself to her fruit. Actually, it started when I remarked to her that she truly has a lot of food in her refrigerator at the moment.

She explained to me why this was the case. She’s on something of a healthy binge. She wants to try out eating less and less meat. She says that she’s still going to keep an occasional stock of fish and poultry. Her fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids while her poultry stock is only sourced from free range farms. She hates cruelty towards animals. Speaking of which, this is one of the strong reasons why she has decided to overcompensate with fruit. She has a lovely skin already, so she’s quite fortunate, I guess.

Nevertheless, I heard her chatting to one of our other neighbors the other day about the challenge of sourcing organic beauty and skin care products from the usual shelves in supermarkets and pharmacies. All good and well if you find these easily enough, she said, but have you seen the prices. Fruit, fruit and more fruit is far more cost effective. Then there are those vegetables too, like the refreshing cucumber. It’s quite versatile too. We both like to slice and dice to put into what is known as a sambal accompaniment for hot meat and vegetable curries.

And then you can just gently place a couple of cucumber slices over your tired and puffy eyes. Most succulent fruits can act as natural exfoliates for the skin. The acid in the fruit naturally exfoliates the skin and leaves it looking and feeling fresh and young. Is this skin deep, or what. Of course, most of your fruit should be eaten naturally. There’s one fruit, no, it’s not a vegetable, that must be stored away in your kitchen. If we could live on just the great avocado pear, I’m quite sure we would all survive.