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Here is another personal journey turned into a nice, fun-filled and inspirational exercise. You know, just because I might be endeavoring to inspire you to take good care of yourself, I’m still doing myself a favor too. In life, I’m really not much of a talker, but somehow I always seem to be in my element once I start making notes or typing across the white space of the blog page. And you know, as much as I thought it was so difficult for me in the beginning, it doesn’t take much to put your own health and wellness plan together.

This is essential if you truly want to take good care of yourself. In order to take proper care of yourself, you need to become a skilled juggler. As women, we are famed for being able to multi-skill, but that is easier said than done when we start thinking seriously about all those specific focus areas for women. We all have different needs, and we all have different areas of prioritization. Speaking of which, a regular checkup with your general practitioner or medical specialist does help you to start prioritizing, focusing and start planning your own health and wellness plan.

The balancing act, with some good practice, is an important exercise for the good of your own health. Here you will be endeavoring to tip the scales as equitably as possible between your healthy eating plan, your healthy living habits and your exercise regime. And if that was not enough, and even as we speak, there are amazingly so many women who overlook this in their own lives, and who would have thought, the care of one’s skin also needs to be blended in. apart from personal health and feelings, there are external factors that drive this requirement.

Because, to be quite honest with you and no matter what side of the earth’s hemisphere you dwell, the sun’s harmful UV rays are not going away any day soon. Perhaps after a few months of implementing your health and wellness plan, you will be in a good position to start chirruping, just like me, on what it means to be well. For now, I have to be honest to myself, and to you, that talking to you on what it means to me to be well is never going to be plain sailing. The journey from a plump me to the new, vivacious me has not ever been easy.

It is still not easy. Although I am generally a lot healthier physically and mentally, I do feel that my personal journey has only just begun. In fact, the last two months of my life was quite horrendous. No-one, not myself, nor even my family, could have expected such a dip in form. There is no excuse, girls, you simply have to learn to toughen up. This is your softy speaking. Yes, down at heart, I remain a sensitive girl. All it takes to trigger me off course is one word or action. Gosh, I withdrew and my family became quite concerned.
They hadn’t heard a word from me. My blogging editor hadn’t heard a word from me either. Both she and the site’s content manager were quite livid. Their lives are all about deadlines and making as much money as possible. My thought was that there remain folks out there who will stoop to such lows to get what they want out of life, never mind what it does to the next person. My father also told me the other day not to worry. Stop being so silly, he said. You’re a talented girl and you ought to stick to your own game plan.
So, girls. Here we are. We wait in baited breath. After the next post is completed, we shall wait and see. Let the journey begin.