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Today, I’m going to act as naturally as possible. Be myself, in other words. It’s also going to be yet another inspirational post, for me especially and hopefully for you as well. Not once, but at least on a few occasions, one man in my life told me to my face that I need to get over my mother so that I can get on with my life. In what way, I asked. And how is his life any better than mine, or yours, for that matter. I could not begin to tell you the things he gets up to at night. It wouldn’t be a good idea; perhaps one of your kids will read this post.

Hoo boy, I just couldn’t help myself. I have to say this. While this is my very own personal blog, it is still under management by other prying eyes. This helps to ensure that my bread and butter are earned. So, to make sure that as many readers come to my blog as possible, I have to leave my work in other expert hands. But I’ve let him down so horrible these last couple of months. Never mind my work for now, I just got so caught up and behind in my life.
Anyway, what I wanted to say was; I hope he gives me another chance. Because now it’s not even about the money, I’ve just been enjoying myself so much chatting to you all. And I do personally feel that we’ve barely touched the surface where healthy eating and healthy living is concerned.  And that’s where we were supposed to be when this blog post was started. While discarding an obnoxious imbecile, I was using my mum as a healthy and inspirational anecdote to motivate you to press on with trying to balance your weekly eating habits until you get it right just so.

And long before there was even any talk of using alternative organic products to effectively enhance your beauty organically, my old mother hardly ever used a stitch of makeup throughout her life. Now, she does like to boast sometimes. Well into her golden years she boasts sometimes that this is why she hardly has a wrinkle and there’s nary a gray hair on her head. Anyway, she is fretting a bit at the moment. This is because we are going through some pretty nasty water restrictions. Our region has just emerged from a rather severe drought.

The rains have not yet arrived good and proper and the dams are still quite dry. But we have all learned to improvise the green way. While she is still getting used to the idea, my mum is nourishing her organic garden vegetables with what is known as gray water. She also likes to boast sometimes that eating healthily could mean that you never need to walk into a grocery store again. Yes, it is quite true. If you have your own organic vegetable garden, you won’t have much use for the rather inferior supermarket produce.

Your veggies are also a lot healthier and tastier too. They are free of pesticides and are being pollinated by those lovely birds and bees.