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Good, balanced and healthy eating improves your memory too, didn’t you know.

I think, by now, I can speak from personal experience. Today, and once more, I’m going to be chatting to you on a personal level on how you too can balance your weekly eating habits. I’m pretty sure that by now most of my thoughts will be heavily influenced on what I’ve been reading over the years. I don’t think it’s a good idea that most girls seem to be focused too much on looking beautiful rather than being out and out healthy.

But that’s all it takes, really girls. Start thinking seriously about the regular meals you need to eat three times a day and seven days a week, put a healthy, balanced eating plan in place, and then start practicing it, and after a few weeks or months, you’ll see just how quickly your new healthy eating habits enhance your beauty organically. Like all things in life, starting off with new habits is always difficult. It can be especially challenging if you’re touching wood for the very first time. I realize that there may be some of you out there who weren’t as fortunate as I was in having a healthy mother like I have.

In fact, I saw her just the other day, after just a week’s absence. During the previous week’s visit, my mom gave me a few of her juicy red tomatoes to use in my kitchen. This was after I boasted that my recent purchase of tomatoes was just so cheap. I bought a beautiful long cucumber to go with that as well. I use it a lot over my eyes to freshen me up after a long, warm day. So, my veggies never really go to waste. But on my recent visit, I had to remark to my mom just how much more tasty her tomatoes were than mine.

You see, hers came straight out of her own organic veggie garden. Wow, what an explosion of tastes. Her vegetables are free of pesticides, so you can imagine if you are sourcing only these natural ingredients from your own garden, just what a difference it makes to your skin and body’s health. There are no age-inducing chemical ingredients and there are no allergens or skin or cancer threatening substances. The same goes for your skin care products and bath soaps and salts.

That is only the case if your skin care products and bath soaps are sourced organically.

Simply put, just keep all of these natural. But we were supposed to be talking about a few tips to balance your weekly eating habits. You see what happens when you lose your train of thought. Anyway, making new choices in the beginning wasn’t easy for me either. But I made my eating habits quite interesting and I had a lot of fun doing it. What I couldn’t grow in my garden, I of course, had to source from my organic produce store and delicatessen and rather clean butchery.

While it was pricy, it was fun. After all, I love spending time in the shops. The easiest habit was simply to follow my mother’s example of preparing and eating different dishes each and every day of the week.