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I’m sweating. I’m sweating naturally and healthily, of course. You remember I told you that I’m no pro at writing about skin care. All I can do is speak spontaneously as a fresh-faced beauty. But not always. I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s a good and responsible idea to listen and read what the experts have to say. So for this article, I’ll be doing my utmost best in listing organic skin care ingredients that will make your skin glow. And, of course, I’ll still be putting my own word in here and there.

Here is something new I discovered just moments ago. Who would have thought? And to think that this concept has been sitting on my desktop for ages. Just goes to show how far behind with my work I got. Gosh, my eyes are really puffy as I type this blog post. Time for a little more spring cleaning for the skin, I guess. And speaking of which, if you’re as dedicated to good, domestic housekeeping as I am, you will, of course, be using bleach at some stage or another while you’re cleaning out the bathroom and kitchen.
But bleach for cleansing the skin. Oh come on now, really, is this possible. Of course it is not the bleach that we were thinking about. This is a natural and organic bleach especially designed for cleansing the skin with. It provides you with an instantaneously clean skin and also enhances your physical appearance. This natural product is for those of you who have a particularly dark skin and what to lighten it a little as naturally as possible.

The organic ingredients
The list is truly endless. So, I’m just going to be mentioning a few of those organic skin care ingredients in this little note of mine. There is your rosewater. And then there is your shea butter. And then there are also your organic oils. These are your tea tree oil and your rosemary oil. Then there’s also my neighbor’s refrigerator. You remember, I mentioned her in my last post. Plums, pears, bananas, you name it, avocado pears too. Rosewater is required to cleanse your skin every night just before you snuggle into bed for your next eight hours or so of beauty sleep.

Shea butter is a natural cleanser of note. But it has the opposite intentions and effect to the hideous and never thought of before bleach. It is perfectly ideal for those of you who have quite a fair skin, and wish to keep it that way. No need to blush, I know, I know. Anyway, tea tree oil works nicely for achieving the fresh and glowing skin while rosemary oil and many other similarly natural, organic ingredients help to shield the skin from the sun’s heat, dust and pollution.

And what else? Oh yes. My neighbor’s fridge again. Consider your grocery list well the next time you go out shopping. One thing I did notice, and this she did not tell me, is that certain ingredients that are not good for your skin still have a nasty little habit of creeping into the fridge. While she has great designs on cutting down on her meat intake, she forgot to mention those extremely oily processed deli meats. Although, mind you, I could not blame her. There was, once upon a time, nothing tastier than a juicy sandwich layered with one’s favorite salad veggies, your deli meats along with a tangy and spicy sauce, not good for sensitive skin either.

In fact, I tried something a little different last night, not nearly as harmful. A smoked chicken liver pate with most of the fat gone, sandwiched with a little leftover cold cabbage salad. It was a late night sandwich. I had just finished working. I should have been sleeping by then.